21Unified exists to champion the distinction of finishing trade labor now and into the future.


To unite and advocate for finishing trade workers, employers, and contractors to create new employment opportunities through quality, experience, trust, and training.

Who is 21Unified?

21Unified is a uniquely combined Labor Management Fund for the finisher’s trade unions from District Council 21, along with employers and contractors in Central and Northeast PA, the Philadelphia region, New Jersey, Delaware, and the eastern shore of Maryland.

What makes us unique is our united board of leaders, coming together to support painters, drywall finishers, wall coverers, glaziers, and glass workers.

Why combine trades?

We believe there is strength and merit in the collective effort of a unified advocacy for all finishing trades, management, and contractors. Working together provides a more focused approach to delivering quality work and exceptional long-term value.

Most importantly, our shared experience and network gives us the ability to foresee and address industry shifts or developments before they happen, keeping all our trades competitive, preemptive, and on the leading edge.

Our supported trades


To Owners

21U is focused on providing complete confidence for owners, standing behind every project. It’s a peace-of-mind that can only come from the best trained, most experienced tradespeople. Each and every one knows the importance of getting a job done right, on time, on budget—never sacrificing our exceptionally high standards. And we ensure every project is supported, diverse, and inclusive to maintain equity across the board.


To General Contractors

The consolidated trades of 21U work together to show employers the quality advantage and longevity that union labor consistently delivers. We look to create mutually beneficial relationship with our contractors and are bound to our high standards. What’s more, we’re here to ensure that every tradesperson understands the importance of getting things right the first time, every time, with an eye on sustainability and environmental consciousness.


To Finishing Tradespeople

Support. That’s what we provide to our more than 6,000 union members in the finishing trade. Most importantly, we develop lasting relationships with ethical contractors and businesses to create consistent job opportunities.

21Unified stands up to ensure the best wages and benefits for our tradespeople. We provide the highest level of training for anyone interested in the finishing trade, regardless of race, income, or education, and we encourage diversity in all we do. And we prepare our tradespeople for what’s next in the industry, always keeping an eye on the latest advances and changes.


To our communities

21Unified is proud of the charitable work we do within our communities and families. Our various trades support countless organizations and give hundreds of hours of their skills each year as volunteers to help however they can. Organizations that have benefitted from our time and skills include first responders, medical professionals, veteran’s groups, churches, small businesses, and many more.

21Unified Board


AJ Casparro

Industrial Paint Union Trustee

Ben Connors

Drywall Finishing Management Trustee

Matt Cortez

Drywall Finishing Union Trustee

Leo Gallagher

Industrial Paint Management Trustee

Ron Kudla

Glazing Management Trustee

Mike Laughlin

Glazing Union Trustee

Fran McLaughlin

Co-Chair & Paint Union Trustee
(both commercial & industrial paint)

Catie Scott

Drywall Finishing Management Trustee

Mike Thurman

Co-Chair & Commercial Paint Management Trustee

Matt Trzaska

General Union Trustee
(glazier by trade)

Let’s talk finishing

We’d love to talk with you about 21Unified and how we can help you get exceptional, long-term quality from our member trades. Contact us today to set up a meeting.

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